You Mean, Me? Yes, You.

Fellow Young Minister,

I am writing to you because I want to let you know I believe in you as a Kingdom partner in the Lord. I was very confused at times wondering if I was “called” or not. I mean I KNEW I was called, but I didn’t know WHEN I was called – rather, I didn’t know when I was going to step into it. We hear “calling” a lot, don’t we? We’ve been in some powerful services together and separately, where we so strongly FELT that mission from God, to do SOMETHING. Then time after time, saw our friends or peers doing SOMETHING significant in the Lord, and we were in awe. You know, there’s only so many microphones to speak from during a service. I used to get so frustrated in the beginning because I didn’t understand the concept of roles in the Kingdom.

Roles. Not the Texas Roadhouse rolls, but the roles where I do something that is in alignment with God’s mission, and you do something that is in alignment with God’s mission. But, what I am doing doesn’t overturn or obstruct what you’re doing – and vice versa. It’s God’s mission. So when I hear people are receiving the Holy Ghost when our buddies preach, victory is ours too! I’m so thankful! I have been so jealous of wanting to see God glorified in such a manner that I started praying for them because I want to be involved with what’s happening. They wouldn’t mind my prayers showing up, anyway. That’s why they’re our friends. 

And that means you, too. I haven’t “preached” a Sunday service in awhile. In fact, I currently cannot remember the last time I held a microphone. What’s the deal with the microphone anyway? Jesus never used one and “pulpit” only shows up once in the Bible. Not to mention, it is very likely I have become more edified by my Pastor’s intimate leadership, daily prayers, and personal investments with me, than the allotted time of preaching from the pulpit in our church building. Don’t you love our pastors? They’re God’s chosen leaders for us.

You inspire me. You’re faithful unto the Lord and rock solid. That’s much of what we are going to be called anyway, when we get to the other side: “good and faithful servant”. We don’t always think so of ourselves, I know, but He does. It’s probably because we define the “successful” ones as “great and powerful”. The ones we love! I’m not saying we should change that up, really. But we can’t forget the grandest of our Lord’s compliments will be that: “good and faithful”. If you won’t remind yourself of your integrity, I’ll remind you of yours.

You showed up to the youth functions when it didn’t “apply” to you. You know what I mean by that statement. You greeted that young person when it was their first visit to the church service. You took a few moments before the service and reconsidered why you were even there. That tells me you sought to be purposeful in your attendance, whether or not your flesh was screaming at the top of its lungs the whole service. You liked the posts where our peers saw demonstrations of the Spirit and of power, and God used them. You’re about the Kingdom. Jesus told us that that was the first thing we ought to seek. I love your passion. You put on music that helps you focus on God and you’re studying to know God, not to preach. Furthermore, I saw you look at that person when we went out to eat and contemplate how you were going to pray for them or invite them to service. I love you for who you are in God and who God is in you. That’s the kind of heart I pray for, at least. So I’ll speak it over myself, too. You are a minister of integrity. I heard this statement recently, “in worship, we need less industry and more priesthood.” That’s who you are. You’re a royal priest, and a mighty one in my estimation. I discovered biblical might is capacity of strength, while strength is the effort and execution of it. If you don’t believe me, read Strong’s H3581 and compare it with Strong’s H202.

You are so capable. I know it burns inside of you. You can pray prayers that no one else can pray. My my my. I need you and your prayers. Our friends need you and your prayers. The Kingdom needs you and your prayers. You can touch God like nobody else can.

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. I have one more thing to share. You know I can be long-winded. I found out that Paul asked for prayer from every single church except one. And the problems that local church faced were about doing spiritual things through the flesh and believing in another Jesus (Galatia). I’m so glad to call you my friend, because you’re not looking for excuses to do either. I need that in my life. Golly, we all do. I’ve had some carnal moments and you helped me out. I hope to catch up some time. I had to write you this letter because your words burned in me, from the last time we spoke, like the words of Jesus burned in the hearts of those men on the road to Emmaus. Yeah, just like Jesus that day, we can go unrecognized, too. Yet, those men couldn’t escape the impact of Jesus, and neither can we escape yours. I’m thankful the Lord is using you mightily.

I hope to hang out soon.

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