Anointed or Talented?

Fellow Young Minister,

I desire to be effective in God’s kingdom. I want to grow in Him, too. But, I have noticed that certain people and ministries receive a lot of attention because of something called talent.

Now, I know that Jesus said we would receive talents and be wise to invest in them (Matthew 25:14-30). We will bare record to the Lord about our occupation with His kingdom. Although, with microphone-based ministries, like singer or preacher, the talented receive quite some press. If we were honest, we would hopefully say the talented need no repentance to be talented; for the gifts and callings of God are without repentance (Romans 11:29). But why the press? The cheer and jeer? I mean, it’s not a sin to be excited about talent, I get it. But I get this feeling sometimes that the talented are misrepresented as the anointed. I have heard that talented folks have gone shipwreck because they became entitled with their gifting, confusing man’s attention for God’s approval. It taught me that while some have the attention, it does not mean they have the anointing.

Paul made it very clear that preaching isn’t a flow of ministry made effective by intellectualism, philosophies, and jargon (1 Corinthians 2:4, Colossians 2:8). Yet, it was made effective through God’s power, demonstration, and kingdom. I would imagine that singing would function similarly. People would experience God’s righteousness, peace, and joy through song and lyric, not so much via vocal roller coaster (Romans 14:17). Yet, it perpetuates as a legitimate temptation for many involved in microphone-involved ministries. I would contend it’s because of a culture of celebrity-ism that can creep into our circles.

It can be frustrating. But, it has allowed me to gather a greater sense of appreciation for the anointing of God and anointed people. You know what it’s like. One person is projecting these wild illustrations and colorful displays of intellect, while the other preaches a glory cloud upon the soul. Or, one singer belts their runs and turns as smooth as cursive calligraphy, while the other invokes a path to liberty at the feet of Jesus. It is a crucial thing to be able to identify between talent and the anointing. God help us.

But, I have found this to be a double edged sword. While it is quite evident that the talented can fall short of pleasing God, so can the anointed. I am reminded that Saul, the anointed of God, also displeased our Lord (1 Samuel 24-27). David, too. Likewise, I too, being anointed, have displeased the Lord before. John said the people of God have the anointing (1 John 2:20, 27). But we can get this big head, you know? Still, I have erred on the side of fear of failure and pride because of it – this is not the will of God. One day, the Lord gave me this thought to consider, “A submitted person with a spiritual revelation is dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. But how much more dangerous is an unsubmitted person with much spiritual revelation, to himself?” It struck me that growing in anointing, still, was not the complete path to pleasing God.

I remember your words today. You said in 2019, you were focusing on becoming the COMPLETE man, where the supernatural was just something that was normal in everyday life, but the pique of your existence was your relationship with Jesus Christ. That really impacted me. The Lord put this in me in addition, “Anointed or talented? Neither are enough. But to be Christ-like, is worth it all.”

We could gain the whole world, by talent or even anointing, and still lose our soul. Seeing that we also, could never gain Christ and gain the whole world, we strive to just win Christ (Philippians 3:8). Truly, our prize is not heaven. Our prize is Jesus Christ. We are His bride and He is our groom. What more of a win, than the winsome King who robed Himself in a humble servant, and died for us on a cross? To be resurrected so that we could experience the same.

I will pursue Him in 2019. I will walk with Him in 2019. I must say it that way, because my wants fluctuate because of my frail frame. He is mine and I am His. I cannot even say I am indebted to Him, because He plainly and biblically owns me (1 Corinthians 6:20). What Scripture does show me, is that I am indebted to OTHERS, in showing them whom I belong to (Romans 1:14).

So, talented or anointed? Neither are enough. But to be like Jesus, is worth it all.

Happy New Year, my friend. Let us be complete in Him.

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