The Believer’s Battle With Abortion

Beloved Fellow Young Minister,

There has been such an uproar of political heat and moral decay in these last days. The adversary and the kingdom of darkness are becoming more manifested in their agenda and sin is more outspoken. The world system is becoming more vocal about calling good evil and evil good. Our generation wrestles with the onslaught of not only the natural battles that occur as a result of these last days, but we wrestle with the spiritual battles, as well. So much of what happens in the natural realm is a product of the spiritual realm acting behind it. Even so, the Bible makes it very clear that the invisible things are understood by the visible things (Romans 1:20). For example, a seed and how it grows into a tree, relates to how the Word of God manifests itself in a person’s life (1 Peter 1:23). Similarly, critters like frogs and parasites give us insight to how devils operate (Revelations 16:13-14).

In confidence and vulnerability, I am trusting you with what I am about to speak of. But I have wrestled with the fact that my hands may be just as bloody. That is, abortion occurs in the Church.

I believe abortion has manifested itself in such an awry manner, because it has already passed a certain threshold in the spiritual realm, where the same sin is committed. What do I mean? I believe abortion is not only a natural sin, but a spiritual sin. I write to you with a heavy heart today, because as easy as it may be to be angry with the uprising of natural abortion, I believe we must be just as angry, if not more, with the sin of spiritual abortion. I am urged in my heart to not only become like Jesus in loving what He loves; but, to also hate what He hates.

Millions of living babies have been aborted, having their lives prematurely taken, for centuries now. For the sake of this heartfelt letter, I will define abortion as that exactly, selfishly taking the life of a baby, for reasons of convenience, while it is in the womb. While this is a sin that is propagated by the spirit of the antichrist and is indicative of the fact that lawlessness shall abound in these last days (Matthew 24:12), I believe it is just as urgent that we ought to make a case for not just natural babies, but spiritual babies, too.

Because, I too, have participated in the sin of abortion. My guilt places me in the same position that many of these mothers and fathers have entered. My heart and soul grieves for them. The Scriptures are very plain that perilous times shall come in the last days; and sins that manifest themselves in the world naturally, can exist in the Church spiritually. So how have I participated in this sin? I trust you to pray for me in this regard, as I will for you, too. I have had times where I deterred the development of spiritual babies, that were yet in the womb, because taking care of them was an inconvenience to me. To be more clear, I have refused to want to nurture an unborn believer, through the love of Jesus, because I did not make time for them or believe in God’s purpose and plan for their life.

How can I make such a grave statement? Is this really my heart? Are those deeds a true representation of my faith? I pray they aren’t. I know the Scriptures say that “the heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9). It must be guarded (Proverbs 4:23). I do not want to vehemently speak against natural abortion, turning a blind eye on the sin of spiritual abortion.

I confess that I have had times where I lived in a lack of involvement, urgency, commitment, and burden for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, wanting babies to come out of a womb, or be “baptized by water and/or Spirit”, to then carry on my own agenda of not having to take care of them – or should I say, not care about their discipleship. I hope you hear my heart. We have been exposed to a time where demonic spirits have tried to tempt the Church to participate in spiritual reproduction, but then introduce to us the option of aborting the babies, so that they never fully develop to what God wants them to become. These spirits appeal to the convenience that our flesh seeks after, telling us that we ought to just be “concerned with our own lives, figure ourselves out, or that we are not equipped to train up a child”. The temptation is consistent, naturally and spiritually. Though it may not be widely published, millions of women bear the shame of having committed natural abortion. Many even do it with sincerity, but their flesh secretly authored it’s own self-preservation. I believe the same can be said of believers who commit spiritual abortion. They may have even lived their own religious lives, with sincerity of heart, but were really authoring the preservation of their own flesh.

What are the consequences? We end up with spiritual babies that may come out of the womb, but never live out their God-ordained destiny – simply because no one committed to that particular baby and exercised what Jesus exercised, MAKING DISCIPLES.

It takes a lot of work to nurture a baby. Sleepless nights. Time. Money. Sacrifice. Much training. Much more repetition. And most of all, vulnerability and learning from mistakes. The spirit of this age is appealing to the self-seeking flesh of men and women in this generation to commit natural abortion, all the while also appealing to the self-seeking flesh that the bride of Christ battles everyday, so that the Church would commit spiritual abortion. Are we as committed to the life of spiritual babies as we are to the life of natural babies? I have repented and continue to find more room to repent, concerning the vigor in which I commit to the Great Commission. I want it to consume my life.

While a natural pregnancy lasts around 40 weeks, Jesus dedicated three and a half years to unborn world-changers.

Unborn? Yes. Unborn.

The disciples did not receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, neither were baptized in Jesus name, until AFTER three and a half years of being nurtured IN THE WOMB. Then, receiving the born-again experience on the Day of Pentecost. Jesus did not give up on them even when they abandoned Him in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus still returned to them after He resurrected and they had stopped preaching the gospel. Jesus did not abort these unborn babies. He did not live in such a manner where He considered Himself too busy to invest in others. Jesus did not consider it an inconvenience to vehemently pray for 3 hours in a garden, while His unborn babies fell asleep on Him. Jesus did not consider it a waste of time to invest in disciples who had not received the Holy Spirit or were not baptized in Jesus’s name. Jesus poured into them, whether or not they believed like He did. Jesus did not abandon these unborn babies because they “didn’t have anything to offer Him”. Instead, He gave His life for them, that the plan of God would be fulfilled in their lives.

My friend, I pray we consider the perilous times and guard our hearts from sins that are committed naturally and spiritually. If I am too busy for unborn babies, I am busier than God intended me to be. Please pray for me, as I will pray for you, too. This is the mission that Jesus trusted us, equipped us, empowered us, and prayed for us to live out. Just like the natural representation, spiritual reproduction is not for entertainment, it is a holy communion between Jesus and His bride. All life is sacred, naturally and spiritually. Take a look at the emphasis the Spirit of God is placing on discipleship to the Church all around the globe. God is positioning His Church to spiritually combat the kingdom of darkness. We must make whatever accommodations are necessary to give birth to the unborn babies that come with end-time harvest. If it means to repent, I will repent. If it means to pray 3 hours, I will pray 3 hours. If it means to bear a cross, I will bear a cross. I believe that if we, as the Church, would humble ourselves and pray, seek God’s face, and turn from OUR wicked ways, then God will hear from heaven, forgive OUR sin, and heal OUR LAND (2 Chronicles 7:14). I realized that if we would truly combat the spirit of this age regarding abortion, we would not just pray and vote, we would disciple.

2 Corinthians 10:4-6 King James Version (KJV)
4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

2 thoughts on “The Believer’s Battle With Abortion

  1. Indeed, there’s a lot of bottoms in the pews who don’t have a clue who our Savior is. I’ve heard some Christians say they don’t believe or understand how Mary was impregnated through a spirit (The Holy Spirit.) If someone doesn’t get the mysteries of God’s, they are missing out on a huge part of what walking with Christ is all about. Thank you for sharing your touching perspective.


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