Thank you for wanting to know more about Sparrow. My name is Hector Robles. I was inspired to start Sparrow to help people remember they are valuable and capable. Many times, it seems and feels like we are bombarded with the things that are menial, and easily forget those that are meaningful. We want to help with that. A little bit about myself – I am a South Florida native now in Columbus, Ohio, married to Savannah. I currently work as a software engineer in manufacturing technologies. One fun fact about myself: I write my 5’s, starting from the bottom. All of the motivation for building this website comes from biblical principles that hinge on loving God and loving my neighbor as I love myself. At the time of writing this snippet, I have delayed my dream of writing content to help others for a long time. People are a big deal to me. Not only did I come from them; I am one of them. So, I believe it suits me to learn from them, share with them, and grow with them. I hope this is exactly what Sparrow does for you.